‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Podcast Reveals Major Details About Master Chief’s Origin

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Although the live action Halo 5 prequel television series has stolen the majority of the prequel spotlight, there is also a prequel podcast helping to build hype for the October release of Guardians. At first, the idea of a fictional NPR style podcast about a journalist researching Master Chief’s origins may not sound very engrossing, but the Serial-style radio drama is completely addicting. The second episode of Hunt the Truth raises a question about Master Chief’s childhood that could change everything we think we know about the franchise hero.

Although there are no concrete facts in the podcast and the host of the show, fictitious journalist Benjamin Giraud, is still examining conflicting records and interviews, we have to offer a potential spoiler warning here. The very first lines of episode two, Bad Records, contain what might be a major spoiler. If you’d rather wait for the Halo 5′s October release to hear this bombshell, you’ll want to stop reading here.

At the end of the first episode of Hunt the Truth, it was hinted that John 117 (the boy who grows up to become Master Chief) may have died at the age of six. This obviously contradicts everything we know about the character’s past, but some records and reports in this week’s episode offer even more proof to this conspiracy theory. If the reports turn out to be true, Master Chief’s story in Halo 5 may take a very interesting turn.

“I couldn’t believe it. According to the document I was looking at; John, the boy who would go on to become Master Chief, had died 41 years ago.”

As the Halo 5 prequel episode progresses, the narrator interviews different people connected to Master Chief in an attempt to understand the paradox. The official word from the reporter’s trusted source inside the government is that the records on all glassed planets are totally inaccurate and cannot be trusted. This logic makes a lot of sense and has proven to be true in the past. That is enough to convince Giraud until he gets a frantic call from one of Master Chief’s childhood friends.

The source explains that she has a very distinct memory of John dying when they were children. She claims that his parents outlived him, which flies in the face of the report Giraud got from Vice Admiral Gabriella Dvorak. The Vice Admiral was a Lieutenant when Master Chief was a child and remembers meeting him when shortly after the death of his parents. The Vice Admiral goes on to talk about how strong John was and how he refused to ever be a victim again. Master Chief’s past has always been a mystery, but this contradiction makes it more unclear than ever before.

Episode two raises many more questions than it answers, but we expect the reporter to get to the bottom of the story by the time the radio drama concludes. Hunt the Truth has a distinct advantage over a reality-based podcast like Serial in that the writers can control where this story is going, so it seems reasonable that listeners can expect some real answers at the end of the line. With the Chief poised to be the co-star of what might be 2015’s biggest game, we’re very interested to see if the developers are rewriting history and opening up a new avenue for stories about the veteran Spartan.

How would you explain the discrepancies in Master Chief’s past? Are you enjoying Hunt the Truth? Let us know in the comments.

Halo 5: Guardians is set to release on the Xbox One on October 27, 2015.

Source: Hunt the Truth