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343 Industries confirms the content arriving with the Hog Wild expansion for Halo 5, including new Warthogs and additional armor sets for the first-person shooter.

Since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, developer 343 Industries has been keeping busy with a range of free expansion DLC for the game. Fans of the first-person shooter have already had plenty of updates available for the title, including the Memories of Reach DLC that arrived at the beginning of May, bringing with it gear last seen in Halo: Reach. Now, the developer has launched a brand new expansion.

Dubbed the Hog Wild REQ Drop, 343 Industries has confirmed exactly what Halo 5 players can expect from the update. As the name of the DLC suggests, this new expansion is at least partially focused on the Warthog vehicle. As such, players can get their hands on four new Warthogs, including the Legendary Vespin Rocket Warthog and the Rare Sword Needler Warthog.

Aside from these new vehicles, there is also some other content for fans of the title to check out. There are a pair of armor sets now available, named the Stinger armor set and the Interceptor Rictus armor set, as well as plenty of new weapons, including an Uncommon Hybrid range and the Ultra Rare Aurum range. Meanwhile, there is also a selection of other content available, which can all be found over at Halo Waypoint.

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This update may seem a little light in comparison to some of the other free expansions that gamers have received for the title, but 343 Industries has given a reason for there being slightly less content. According to the developer, a few of the larger items that were set to arrive with this update required more polish before they were ready to release, and have been pushed back to be included in the larger Warzone Firefight June expansion. This may be why those expecting as much content as that seen in the recent Ghosts of Meridian DLC will be a little disappointed.

That said, the amount of DLC that has been released since the game launched has certainly been commendable. As well as the additional multiplayer content, 343 Industries has even made tweaks to the difficulty of Halo 5's campaign. There is also plenty more to come, too, with the developer planning to bring Forge mode to Windows 10.

Unfortunately for PC players, however, that feature - along with any other Halo 5-related content at all - is not likely to be made playable on the platform any time soon. Xbox chief Phil Spencer had previously stated that Microsoft was not "looking back" for new games to release, and although PC users were given a sliver of hope by the addition of Forge mode for Windows, 343 Industries has again reiterated that Halo 5 PC is not on the cards. Hopefully, PC owners can still find the Forge mode of the title useful.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now for Xbox One.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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