A fan of Halo 5: Guardians recreates the podracing scene from Star Wars: Episode 1, complete with functional podracers and a place for tusken raiders.

Halo 5: Guardians got its post-release Forge Mode back in December, and the robust creation tool has been used in the creation of countless maps and game types. It’s no secret that Halo 5 provided some of the best multiplayer experiences of 2015, and the inclusion of Forge Mode has already led to some truly breathtaking creations in the last few months. This week, a new map has made waves that should spark interest from anyone who happens to be a Star Wars fan.

A creative player named CaptainDireWolf has recreated the podrace scene from Star Wars: Episode 1 in map form, complete with a fully functional assembly of podracers, a dusty Tatooine course, and even a nice little spot for would-be tusken raiders. Now this is podracing!

Take a look at one gamer’s version of the Boonta Eve Classic in Halo 5 below:

This isn’t the first time intrepid Forge Mode creators have recreated some iconic locales from other movies or games, and some Halo 5 fans may have already had their spartan take a trip down down to the Super Mario 64 Castle, or even Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie. In fact, this isn’t even the first Star Wars map we’ve posted about – one gamer had previously constructed a Hoth map complete with an AT-AT walker.

CaptainDireWolf figured out a clever workaround to typical race respawns, which would break the podracers he so carefully crafted. The map is set so that when players die they respawn up where the tusken raiders appeared in the movie, allowing them to shoot down at the other players with battle rifles. The ambush spot also features a teleporter, so players can still warp back to the starting line of the race track in case there are any leftover podracers they can drive.

The podracers even look like they’re being held together by an energy beam thanks to a well-placed light source from CaptainDireWolf, which adds a nice touch of authenticity to the feel of the podracers. Fans of the N64 title Star Wars Episode 1: Racer will find strong feels of nostalgia within the map, though not every character from the game has their podracer in this Halo 5 recreation – still, we imagine most maps will turn into a battle for Anakin’s podracer anyway.

There may not be a fantastic system for finding trending maps in Forge Mode, but interested fans can download the map by searching for CaptainDireWolf on Xbox Live.

Halo 5: Guardians  is an Xbox One exclusive.

Source: YouTube

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