An inventive fan creates a working Vex boss and common unit from Destiny within Halo 5: Guardian’s Forge mode, utilizing recently added upgrades to the mode.

Destiny is no stranger to impressive fan creations, from art, to mash-up trailers, to concepts of features for the game itself. And when it comes to a powerful creation tool like Halo’s Forge mode, it’s obvious that some would create Destiny content within it. After all, Destiny’s developer Bungie first created Forge in Halo 3, and the capabilities have only grown since then.

While Destiny’s Crucible maps have been recreated in Halo 5’s Forge before, the newest fan creation takes things to a whole new level. This time, it isn’t just terrain and map design that is copied, but one ingenious fan created one of Destiny’s Strike bosses in Forge.

Specifically, the boss is the Divisive Mind, a Vex Hydra that serves as the final boss in The Undying Mind Strike. The boss in Halo 5 Forge functions as a stationary boss, instead of the roaming boss found in the Destiny Strike, however its main mechanic remains intact. That is, the boss is surrounded by an energy shield that rotates around the Vex Hydra. To damage the boss, players need to wait for the shield to rotate itself around until a gap in the shield moves over the boss, allowing shots to make it past. The Forge version of the Divisive Mind also has a health bar above its head, mimicking how the UI functions in Destiny.

The video, posted by CupOfJoe Gaming Channel, also shows off some stationary versions of a common Destiny enemy type, the Vex Harpy. Before reaching the boss in the video, the Forge versions of the Hydra appear, with working wings that extend when the player moves close to it.

Destiny Undying Mind

All this is possible because of the new upgrades that Halo 5 Forge recently received, which added AI scripting to the system. CupOfJoe posted on this video that another video will be available soon showing how the “primitive but functional” scripted AI was used to make the Divisive Mind and Vex Harpies.

The update to scripting in Forge came in the free December content update to the game, called Monitor’s Bounty. The systems were added with the idea of letting Halo players create minigames within Forge, but as it always goes, players have descended on the mode to make all sorts of creations – both expected and unexpected. This Destiny creation in Forge most likely falls into the latter.

Halo 5: Guardians is currently available exclusively on Xbox One.