Halo 5 launched almost two full years ago, and gamers are preening for Halo 6. Helping to pass the time, some players have turned to Forge, a fan-favorite tool offered with Halo 5 that allows for the creation of custom levels and game content. A recent invention in the Forge is a fully playable version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. It might not be an exact recreation of the game, but it adds some nice bits of authentic feel and shows lots of ingenuity.

The Duck Hunt mode puts players in what looks like actual in-game TV with Duck Hunt playing on the screen. From there, the obvious answer is to shoot those ducks.

The creative side of this mode rests in the fact that it’s really an optical illusion. The TV is actually a window looking off to a distant 3D environment where players fly up into the air as the “ducks” and try to avoid being shot. The mode has players switch sides, taking turns as the hunter and the ducks. Adding to the authentic feel of playing Duck Hunt, the map includes a household and bedroom where the fake TV is set up.

Creations like these allow fans and creative gamers to breathe new live into games that are growing old, like Halo 5. In similar fashion, tools like The Forge offer new ways to experience familiar things. Another recent Halo 5 Forge creation was a giant Rubik’s Cube, so there’s quite a lot of potential for The Forge to act as a Minecraft-like sandbox for fans of the Halo franchise.

As games age and official developer support starts to decrease, community involvement can keep a game going. Tools that let players modify the existing game also open the door for what can essentially be an entirely new game – Counter-Strike and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are great examples of where this has happened. Seeing more creative mods coming from the Forge is a good sign, and future installments in the Halo franchise could improve upon the tools available in the Forge.

Some gamers might not be as excited about tools like the Forge getting serious attention. After all, if developers think the gaming community can do the work of keeping itself intact with fresh gameplay experiences, they might be less inclined to release new content themselves.

That concern aside, cheers to the Halo 5 Duck Hunt creators.

Halo 5: Guardians is available now on Xbox One.

Source: Unsorted Gaming on YouTube