In order to incentivize gamers to clock even more playtime into Halo 5: Guardians‘ multiplayer modes, developer 343 Industries adds daily loot drops to the game.

Halo 5: Guardians has received a new loyalty program giving would-be Spartans rewards for playing on a daily basis. As of today, 343 Industries has included up to two free REQ packs for taking part in and winning the Arena and Warzone multiplayer modes.

While REQ packs aren’t exactly a rarity when it comes to Halo 5, players will definitely be able to unlock the bonuses a lot more easily with them being obtainable through the two multiplayer matches. As far as what the actual rewards will be are still up in the air, but fans should expect a pretty decent variety of new cosmetics, vehicles, and weaponry.

Although some gamers have complained about Halo 5‘s Requisition System — many believed that it would create a pay-to-play atmosphere, as some are purchasable via microtransactions — 343 Industries has touted its addition as being a big hit with fans. However, it’s hard to criticize the incorporation of free daily REQ packs being offered up as bounties for coming out on top in multiplayer modes, as they won’t cost players anything other than time spent in the game. Nevertheless, there’s no word on whether or not specific content received after winning in Arena and Warzone can simply be bought by other fans at a later date, which would definitely taint the spoils of victory if possible.


At any rate, on top of the addition of the aforementioned daily loot drops, 343 Industries will also be packing Halo 5 with supplementary content stored in what’s being called “Cartographer’s Gift” — that is, December’s update, including Forge mode, extra REQs, fresh multiplayer maps, and more. In fact, it seems as if the studio has been keeping its ear to the ground, as 343 Industries will also be bringing advanced controller options to the game, allowing players to customize their peripherals’ settings more than ever before.

By continuing support for Halo 5 post-launch with a bevy of new materials, it’s obvious that 343 Industries is intent on providing fans with the most comprehensive experience of the first-person shooter to date. Bearing that in mind, there’s no question that Halo 5 is one of the best Xbox One exclusive games to hit the console thus far.

What do you think about about Halo 5 receiving daily REQ packs for winners of Arena and Warzone? Will it incentivize you to play the multiplayer modes more often than you are already? Let us know in the comments section below.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now and is available exclusively for Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot