An inventive boss battle created using the Forge tools included in Halo 5: Guardians is gaining plenty of praise online, including compliments from Phil Spencer and Josh Holmes.

One of the key elements of Halo 5: Guardians designed to give the game some staying power is the creative suite known as Forge mode. First introduced in Halo 3, this component of the sci-fi shooter was originally intended to help players create their own multiplayer maps, but has since seen its horizons broadened significantly.

Xbox Live user TOKETAKE is one of many inventive players that have used Forge to create and share their own Halo 5 content. A co-operative boss battle known as the Mitake Machine has recently been doing the rounds, and earning high praise from some individuals very close to the franchise.

The Mitake Machine is a huge robot styled after a simplified version of Master Chief’s iconic helmet. One player controls the monumental machine, dealing out death with a pair of arms using fiery orbs of destruction.

Opposing players are outfitted with rocket launchers and tasked with taking down several power cores to destroy the apparatus. Two weak spots on each arm have to be taken care of before a final core is revealed behind the leviathan’s visor.

Despite some rough edges, it’s an intriguing look at what’s possible within the confines of Forge mode. TOKETAKE has implemented new mechanics, a new control method for the machine itself and a wholly different sort of asymmetric competition between players — and it’s garnered some attention within the halls of 343 Industries and Microsoft.

Speaking to Gamespot, Josh Holmes of 343 Industries noted that the creativity of the Halo community is “amazing.” He went on to explain that the developers at the studio have an ongoing email thread that’s used to share the latest and greatest creations that fans are putting together in the game.

Earlier this week, Phil Spencer posted a video of the Mitake Machine on Twitter, sharing it with his quarter of a million followers. The ever-outspoken head of Xbox complimented the work in his post, observing “what people do in Forge is pretty incredible.”

All this being said, the implementation of Forge in Halo 5 is not without its critics. While most would agree that it’s a very powerful and flexible tool in the right hands, there have been some complaints levelled at the mode for the inaccessibility of its content — to download another user’s creation, you need to either play against them or have them on your friends list, as there’s no way to easily browse through the content on offer.

Halo 5: Guardians is available now for Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot