When our 12 Most Anticipated Games of 2014 list finally went live, there was plenty of discussion regarding our choices. One question that stood out the most, however, was the choice of Halo 5, which some readers assumed was a 2015 release.

While Microsoft did announce the next Halo — which we assume will be Halo 5 — was slated for a 2014 release, there hasn’t been much talk about the game since that announcement. Yes, there have been a few details revealed by 343 Industries, but nothing to confirm the game was still on track.

Luckily, Microsoft‘s Rob Semsey has stepped in to set the record straight, and reassure gamers that Halo 5, or more specifically the next entry in the franchise, will hit store shelves this year. He wouldn’t give a release date, of course, but simply told fans to “stay calm.”

Questions of the next Halo slipping into 2015 were also raised after the game failed to make it onto Microsoft’s list of forthcoming 2014 releases — a list that included games like Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, and The Division. The inclusion of Sunset Overdrive and The Division was what specifically prompted the questions, as neither of those titles have release dates, or even release windows.

As it turns out, Halo did not make the list because the developers at 343 Industries and Microsoft have yet to agree on a title for the next game. If you’ll remember, Microsoft was quick to point out that the trailer shown at E3 did not show a number on purpose. The only elements Spencer wanted fans to know at that point was that this game would run at 60 FPS and it would star Master Chief.

Whatever the case, the good news is the next Halo game is still on track for a 2014 release. We will get to see how 343 plans to expand their Reclaimer Saga and the Xbox One will net itself another killer exclusive.

Where does Halo 5 rank on your list of most anticipated 2014 releases? What do you hope 343 Industries does with the sequel?

Source: Twitter