Earlier today, Microsoft made a previously unannounced limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console available for pre-order on their store’s website — only to have the listing removed post-haste. Fortunately, IGN secured a few images of the premature listing in all of its glory before being taken down. More importantly, they secured details on the content that awaits eager fans who purchase the Halo 4-themed bundle.

The illustrious bundle comes with a 320GB Xbox 360 system which has been stylized to represent the cover art for Halo 4, as well as a standard edition of the actual game. The Xbox itself will play unique Halo sounds whenever the tray and power buttons are pushed as well; similarly to the R2-D2 console that launched this past April.

Also included are two controllers with a similar aesthetic to the system, blue glowing LED lights, and a transforming D-Pad. Furthermore, a generic black headset will also be included, so that those hopping on the Xbox 360 bandwagon a little late will be able to chat with their friends online.

If none of that sounds appealing, then the inclusion of exclusive Halo 4 downloadable content just may. The new SKU comes with codes that gamers can redeem to receive unique armor skins, weapon skins, and an exclusive emblem in-game. They’ll also be able to deck out their Xbox Avatar with some Spartan armor and a rare avatar prop.

The console was listed at $399.99 before it was mysteriously removed from the Microsoft Store earlier today, and that’s somewhat of a standard price point for these sort of limited edition affairs. It’s a safe bet that once Microsoft is ready to officially reveal this stellar-looking package, they’ll confirm that the console will become available alongside the standard and limited editions of Halo 4 later this year, so anyone in the market for a parcel such as this may want to begin saving their money now.

Halo 4 is scheduled to invade retailers this November 4th, exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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Source: IGN