There’s a good chance that a brief rumor and photo was all Halo 4 fans needed to decide that picking up the Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle was the right call. The bundle has now been officially detailed and priced, and those not willing to pony up the cash may change their minds after seeing the system and controllers up close. For the Halo 4 fans who are already covered on the console front, thank you very much, Microsoft will also be releasing a standalone UNSC-branded controller as well.

The previous system placed online – briefly – by Microsoft now seems to have been published prematurely, as the full bundle was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con this week, confirming most of the reported specs and price. 320GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, blue lights on both the console and controllers in keeping with the Forerunner motif, and a pre-order price of USD $399.99.

Those who feel that the price may be a bit steep, it’s important to note that the uniquely-designed Halo 4 controllers are equipped with the pop-out D-pad introduced with the newest of Xbox 360 controllers. The UNSC-branded Halo 4 controller sold separately is similarly tweaked, with a translucent paint scheme that is just as sleek as that of the bundle’s. In fact, it looks so good it might be confused for authentic military equipment.

Major Nelson has gone ahead and uploaded some HD shots of the bundle and its components, so see if the larger resolution can convince you that the time might be right to upgrade. Before the next generation arrives, at least:

The UNSC controller will retail for USD $59.99, and come with an Xbox Live Avatar t-shirt as well. Not as much free Avatar content as what is promised to be accompanying the full bundle, but still nothing to scoff at. The Limited Edition is available for pre-order now through Amazon, but will also be in limited supply at major retailers. Fans shouldn’t count on their local store having enough in stock though, so those convinced should act sooner rather than later.

The stunning design aside, the 320GB hard drive might be a smart choice for Halo fans. With the required install for multiplayer, not to mention the amount of space that the most devoted of fans will be racking up playing around in the new and improved Forge. The 8GB install is still a bit alarming, but just one of many signs that 343 Industries really is releasing not a game, but a platform at launch, with plans that might exceed even the loftiest of hopes.

Who knows, picking up a Halo 4-branded console might even still be a hot topic of discussion a year or two down the line.

The Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 Bundle will be sold on November 6, 2012, alongside the launch of the game.

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Source: Major Nelson