Last month we found out that gamers will get their very first look at the revamped UNSC Warthog from Halo 4 in an entirely different game, a modern racing sim. Microsoft Game Studios is cross-marketing their Xbox 360 exclusive titles and because of this, the Warthog joins the large roster of vehicles in Forza Motorsport 4.

The vehicle is not drivable however and that had some fans bummed, but Turn 10 Studios did look into that possibility. Below are the reasons why Forza 4 players will not be able to take the Warthog for a spin on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or fire its rear-mounted gun turret.

The Warthog will be viewable in Forza 4’s Autovista mode which lets players get up close and personal with the game’s vehicles, giving players the interactive experience of a super car showroom. Kinect can be used in this mode to make it interactive and this is a far as it gets with the Halo 4 vehicle cameo.

Eurogamer interviewed Turn 10 Studios’ Dan Greenawalt where they talked about the inclusion of the vehicle, revealing that they did explore the idea of making it completely usable. The main problem is the obvious one that its technology is out of this world and it would have required quite an investment for just one vehicle.

“To do with vehicle dynamics in general, it’s a very, very tall vehicle. It’s got four wheel steering to a very large degree. It’s one thing to have four wheel steering on a car like a GTO – you know, real cars. But to have the amount of crab walking that car can actually do, per the specs? We’re technically oriented. We don’t just kinda do things. We researched the Warthog. We were like, well, we would have to do, literally, crab walking steering on the front and back. Technically we don’t support that because no real world cars in our game do.

“Also, the suspension travel is gargantuan. It’s a different type of suspension than is found on most cars. And then the final damning fact for us was, we didn’t make the tyres in Forza 4. Pirelli made all of the tyres in Forza 4. This may sound like a cop out, but it’s true: we didn’t want to soil the ability to say all of the simulation in Forza 4, when you turn off all of the assists, is drop dead, absolutely as good as we could have got it. They didn’t give us tires from nanotube technology from 2525.”

Not only will the vehicle be include as a tough-to-find unlockable bonus, but the description of the vehicle will be narrated by Cortana – a much more fitting voice than Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson who described the vehicle on his show.

For those wondering, the gun turret cannot be played with either, for obvious reasons.

“Shooting a gun at other cars, while it would be tremendously entertaining – there’s no doubt about that, I’m a core gamer as well – it really would not help us towards that vision of creating the next generation of car lover.”

Turn that frown upside down – Forza doesn’t need Halo vehicles since the next installment ships with over 500 vehicles and for the hardcore, more than 60 additional cars that can be acquired through DLC. The DLC can be purchased upfront for a discounted price through the Forza Motorport 4 Season Pass.

Forza Motorsport 4 releases October 11, 2011 exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Source: Eurogamer