There are plenty of games arriving in November, but the most anticipated of them all is unquestionably Halo 4. Gamers are anxious to see whether or not 343 Industries can live up the legacy that the former Halo developer, Bungie, has left behind. Fans have been waiting years for Master Chief to finally step back into the spotlight of the Halo franchise, and in less than a week he will, but there’s still no overlooking the additional Spartan Ops campaign that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get access to for free.

Microsoft has just released a new trailer to show off what kind of action awaits gamers in Spartan Ops, and it does a good job at setting up the story that the episodic campaign will follow. There will presumably be some overlaps between Master Chief’s adventure and the one experienced by the soldiers that star in Halo 4‘s Spartan Ops, and if that’s the case it’ll be good to play through both modes to get a better grasp on the events that occur throughout the game.

Spartan Ops season 1 will feature 10 episodes, which combines to make a total of 50 missions, and it’ll all be delivered in the weeks following Halo 4‘s launch. A new episode of the campaign will be made available every week after November 6th, and that trend will continue until all ten of the episodes are in the hands of consumers. Since they’re calling it ‘Season 1’ of Spartan Ops though, it’s easy to assume that more content will be arriving at a later date. Furthermore, the chances of additional seasons being released for free are slim.

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Gameplay

Microsoft has already unveiled plans to offer the War Games Map Pass for Halo 4, which will add 9 additional multiplayer maps over the course of 6 months, so it’s not out of the question to expect even more Halo-centric DLC hit the Xbox Live Marketplace in the months following release.

Regardless, the first season of Halo 4‘s Spartan Ops should add a a ton of value to the $60 title. With even more downloadable content for the fourth Halo arriving well into 2013, there’s no denying the longevity the game will have as a go-to title for 360 owners everywhere.

Halo 4 will invade retailers on November 6th, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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