Halo 4 New Multiplayer Mode

There are some big changes coming to the world of Halo 4, but none are as exciting as seeing what new developer 343 Industries is bringing to the multiplayer. Though they have already teased a few of the game’s new competitive and cooperative modes, 343 is now slowly revealing more substantial details about Halo 4‘s multiplayer.

In the first part of a video series over at Game Informer, Multiplayer Designer Brad Welch discusses some of those multiplayer changes, and how they will impact the play styles of long-time Halo fans.

One of the most influential changes to multiplayer for Halo 4 are the loadouts — customizable weapon and ability choices that will create unique player combinations in Halo 4‘s multiplayer. Rather than relying on weapon drops for new choices players will be able to select which of the game’s varied arsenal they want to roll into battle with.

Along with new weapons, players will also be able to select from many of Halo: Reach‘s abilities, and some new ones, for their loadout. Sprint, however, won’t be an option since it now comes standard for all Spartan IVs. As Welch points out, without sprint multiplayer gamers are finding new play styles and ability options that were never really explored before in Reach.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Halo without some new modes for players to tool around with, and Halo 4 promises new revisions of old standards along with a few new options like Regicide. Regicide places a bounty on a single player’s head (the “King”), that grows as they kill more opponents, and only when that king is killed does the honor (or dishonor) pass on. Points are still awarded for kills regardless, but there is obviously going to be one priority target for Regicide.

There are still many elements to the multiplayer, including its Red vs. Blue storyline and a more detailed explanation of the Spartan points, to come later this week. And, to sweeten the deal even further, Conan O’Brien is planning on revealing some big Halo 4 news on his show tomorrow.

Conan Halo 4 Tease

Though this is just a taste of what 343 has in store of multiplayer fans in Halo 4, it’s absolutely a great start. There are enough new features and content for 343 to escape Bungie‘s shadow, while die-hard fans should be happy to know old standards (like Capture the Flag) are returning.

What do you think of Halo 4‘s new multiplayer mode Regicide? How will the inclusion of sprint alter the selection of armor abilities in the multiplayer?

Halo 4 is slated for a Holiday 2012 release on the Xbox 360.

Source: Game Informer