It’s been a busy week for Halo 4 news – but one of the more exciting, and surprising, teases occurred on early Tuesday when it was revealed that new details on Master Chief’s next adventure would be unearthed by Conan O’Brien.

At first, it was unclear whether that meant the ginger-headed comedian would be starring in teaser featurettes for the game, offering up details through Twitter, or outright including Halo reveals in the next episode of his late night show. Fortunately, it was the latter – as Conan presented gamers with a painfully brief look at Halo 4 multiplayer as well as his own Master Chief spoof (which, for some, may have been painful in a different way).

The full segment is around nine minutes long and features Andy Richter, 343 Industries‘ Franchise Director, Frank O’Connor, and Executive Producer, Kiki Wolfkill – as well as the obligatory “last game I played” was Pong gag that’s become a go-to-gag for public figures who, lately, are coming face to face with game industry developers more frequently. Despite a few stale gags for older viewers, O’Connor and Wolfkill actually do a great job of playing off of Conan and their “role” for talk show host is pretty fitting.

Check out the Conan Halo 4 segment below (jump to the 8:53 mark if you just want to see in-game footage):


While the Conan skit doesn’t offer any new details, plenty of Master Chief fans will still be excited to catch the game in action. Even if the gameplay footage is merely a set-up for a late night gag.

As for what players can actually expect from the title, check out our prior Halo 4 coverage including confirmation of a November 6th 2012 release date, details on new mode, Regicide, as well as the start of an all new Halo storyline.

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Halo 4 releases on November 6th 2012 exclusively on Xbox 360.