'Halo 4' Menu Found in 'Halo: Anniversary' Alpha Build

Halo 4 Menu Hidden in Halo Anniversary

While there’s a significant amount of the gaming population who are excited to either revisit or be given their first introduction to the Halo universe through Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, most are more excited to see 343 Industries’ sophomore effort Halo 4.

Details regarding the title so far are extremely slim, aside from the E3 trailer and some hints dropped about Master Chief, but something really interesting has appeared online that connects Anniversary and Halo 4.

In the video, which is provided below (barring any copyright claims), there appears to be a menu for Halo 4 (in an alpha state) within Anniversary, or at least for this particular build of the HD remake. Unfortunately, beyond a license agreement and a menu that highlights multiplayer, a theater mode, something called ‘cartographer,’ and a menu titled ‘chronicles’ there isn’t much to see. In fact there is no clear connection made between the two menus to explain why Halo: Anniversary would lead into Halo 4.


Had Anniversary been slated for a 2012 release it might be surmised that Halo 4 receiving a multiplayer beta promotion with the remake, but since the title releases fairly soon, that situation is highly unlikely. What we are most likely looking at is either a clever fabrication or a developer’s build of 343 Industries’ menu setups for their next two games.

Regardless, both Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4 are in the works -- one is obviously coming a little sooner than the other (and with Kinect support), but both are highly anticipated. If Halo: Anniversary does give gamers any hints as to where the next chapter in the Master Chief saga, and first entry in the new trilogy, is headed then you can bet that even gamers who loathe the library will be picking this title up.

How would you like to see Halo: Anniversary used as a marketing tool for Halo 4? Do you think it is too early to drop in some Halo 4 details like a new trailer?

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is slated to release November 15, 2011 for the Xbox 360.

Source: Team Xbox 

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