‘Halo 4’ Toys Reveal New Character Designs

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Action figures may not be the kind of thing that gets every Halo 4 fan excited, but the new line revealed by McFarlane Toys does shed some light on the game itself. With new designs for the Elite Ranger, Storm Jackal, and a better look at the Spartan IV’s, these new figures and descriptions are worth a look.

Any long-time fan of the Halo series knows that simply knowing what Halo 4‘s enemies will look like is just scratching the surface in terms of understanding the roles they’ll be playing. But this is the first time 343 Industries is going to be able to put their mark on the franchise, and the signs so far are promising. Not just for the game itself, but the future of the fiction.

The second series of Halo 4 toys from McFarlane have been revealed for pre-order, showing off six new designs. The Master Chief was a given, but the inclusion of Commander Thomas Lasky is a pleasant surprise, and confirmation of past speculation. A teenage Lasky will be the star of the live-action series Forward Unto Dawn, set years before the games.

His role as a main character in Halo 4‘s campaign (deserving of his very own action figure) confirms that the ties between the two projects are pivotal, with his place in the franchise from here on out open to speculation. Have a look at the images of each, along with a description from McFarlane:

Our latest action figure of John-117, the Master Chief, features an all-new weapon, debuting for the first time in Halo 4: the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920; better known as the Railgun. The ARC-920 Railgun is a compact-channel linear accelerator that fires a high-explosive round at incredible speed, delivering both kinetic and explosive force to hard and soft targets alike.

A senior officer of the UNSC Infinity, Commander Thomas Lasky was first introduced to Halo fans in the live-action series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Our Lasky figure represents the officer as he appears in the video game Halo 4; in a UNSC fleet officers uniform, armed with the standard Magnum sidearm. Pistol fits in figures holster, and is removable.

UNSC Heroes aside, the Covenant have also been given a bit of an update. We’ve seen what makeovers have been given to the Grunts and Elites, and now each race’s upper echelon has received the same breath of fresh air. For those who felt that Jackals never seemed like more than reptilian ostriches, or that Elites needed even more armor, the designers have you covered:

The Elites are back in Halo 4, including the popular Ranger variant as depicted in Halo: Reach. Elite Rangers feature a fully-sealed environment suit and an airtight helmet with clear visor; perfect for extra-vehicular activity in the vacuum of space. Our Elite Ranger figure comes with the redesigned, Halo 4 version of the Beam Rifle.

The Kig-Yar, commonly known as Jackals, return in Halo 4 as part of the alien Covenant that continues to threaten humanity and the UNSC. The Storm Jackal features the new, more reptilian look seen in Halo 4. Figure includes the redesigned version of the Covenant Carbine weapon.

The amount of fiction that Halo 4 will be exploring in regards to the origins or tradition of the Spartan IV’s is still unclear (in the singleplayer, at least). But the Spartan CIO (Combat Intelligence Officer) and Scout (here representing ‘Team Orange’) are just as intimidating as their predecessors:

The fan-favorite Scout armor, previously seen in both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, returns in an updated, yet instantly recognizable form for the Spartan-IVs of the UNSC Infinity in Halo 4. Our Spartan Scout figure features an orange paint scheme, and comes equipped with the new Sticky Detonator weapon; previously only available with the Master Chief in the UNSC Cryotube boxed set.

An all-NEW Spartan armor type making its debut in Halo 4, the Spartan C.I.O. is instantly recognizable by its distinctive helmet with three optical sensors. This brand-new Spartan figure is clad in purple armor and comes with the latest version of the Designated Marksman Rifle, a popular mid-range UNSC weapon first introduced in Halo: Reach.

For the hardcore fan of Halo 4, there seems to be no shortage of limited edition content to pick up. From the Forerunner-inspired Xbox 360 console and controllers, to the Limited Edition of the game itself. If an official Master Chief figure has been just a dream until now, then the package isn’t to be overlooked. The figures are available individually for $12.99 from PuzzleZoo, or in an eight-piece collection from BigBadToyStore.

The toys are expected to ship in January 2013, but fans of the game need only wait for Halo 4 to be released on November 6, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Source: PuzzleZoo