The story that the developers of Halo 4 have in store for Master Chief looks promising all on its own, but the aspect of the game that might be the most promising for the future of the series is the online multiplayer. At this week’s Rooster Teeth Expo, fans of the franchise were allowed to partake in a number of matches on the game’s now snow-covered Longbow map.

Now developer commentary of not one, not two, but three games of Infinity Slayer have made their way online.

Screenshots and preliminary details on Longbow promised a healthy dose of asymmetrical gameplay, complete with a wide variety of small and large vehicles. In action, the long to medium-ranged combat really does seem to shine in the wider spaces of the level, and the lack of a preferred weapon, vehicle, or style speaks volumes to both the variety of weaponry and the overall balance.

Bungie and Microsoft have placed their trust in 343 Industries to not only carry the Halo name forward in terms of overall mythology, but inject some life into a multiplayer experience that has, at this point, become predictable. That’s not a criticism, since it’s important not to mess with perfection. But seeing the multiplayer footage does put the spotlight on many of the smaller improvements the developers have come up with.

Halo 4 Longbow Multiplayer Video

Halo 4‘s multiplayer has already gotten the blessing of major league gaming’s elite, but seeing that everyday fans can also plunge into the carnage and mayhem that has become synonymous with Halo multiplayer is a bit of a relief. The new weapons, perks and maps might seem a bit intimidating for those players who have only just found their groove in Halo: Reach‘s multiplayer, but it’s hard to not be excited for the fine-tuning that 343 seems to be putting into every aspect of the online experience.

Of course, there’s no real reason to believe that there won’t be a dose of nostalgia on hand as well. 343 only recently revealed footage of the new and improved Forge creation tools, with even more customization and three environments to set user-created maps within. Bloodgulch and Ascension remakes will no doubt be on their way not long after release, so fans of the ‘good old days’ need not worry.

What do you multiplayer fans think of this footage? Do the changes (hit indicators, weapons, and return of the Battle Rifle) shine in the new setting, or will you only be sure when playing the real thing?

Halo 4 will be released for the Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.

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