Just when you thought that the adventures of Master Chief were over, Microsoft goes and gives gamers more, at least according to Microsoft’s E3 website.  If you believe a leaked post on the Xbox website, Halo 4 is real.

Just hours before Microsoft delivers it’s E3 Press Conference at 9:30AM (PST), the Microsoft website featured a post that claimed that “Halo 4 is on the way.” The post was removed from the site shortly after it posted, but a number of details were leaked.

According to the post an updated version of the original Halo is also in the works. No specific details for this game were available aside from the game being named Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The post describes it as “remastered for a new generation. If the re-mastered game is released this November it would mark the 10th anniversary of the o0riginal Halo’s release.

The updated website also confirmed that Dance Central 2, Kinect Star Wars, and Kinect Sports 2 were all in development.

We’ll know for sure shortly if these leaked screens are the real deal, as the Microsoft press conference would surely mention news as big as this. The questions now turn to how the Halo franchise will fair without Bungie behind them.

What do you think? Are these ‘leaked’ website screenshots legit? Would you be excited for a new Halo installment from someone other than Bungie? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter.

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Source: Now Gamer