At this point, every Xbox 360 gamer is well aware that Master Chief will be pulled out of retirement to finish the fight in Halo 4, and it’s unsurprising that fans are very excited to watch the events of the fourth Halo game unfold before their very eyes later this year. The iconic Spartan may be known as a man of few words, but that hasn’t stopped the series’ community from desperately longing to know more about the man behind the mask.

According to 343 Industries, gamers will get just that, and they’ve released a new ViDoc that provides avid followers with a sneak peak into the humanity that lies just behind Chief’s helmet.

Titled ‘A Hero Awakens’, the latest ViDoc gives fans a look at all of the voice acting and motion-capturing that is going on behind-the-scenes for the much anticipated Halo 4. It shows an unprecedented depth of emotion that the series isn’t well known for, and all of the hard work that the folk at 343 have put into MC’s latest outing at the very least looks as if it’s paying off.

An interesting note to take from the trailer is that Jen Taylor and Steve Downes (the voice actors for Cortana and Master Chief, respectively) have recorded sessions together for Halo 4. This marks the first time in the franchise’s illustrious history that the two have ever saddled up in the same sound booth together, and it shows just how serious the development team is about conveying the humanity buried within the faceless 117 protagonist.

Accompanying the ViDoc in a press release were details on a new multiplayer map known as ‘Exile’. The level takes place at the crash sight of a UNSC ship called the Diadochi, that has harboured the growth of a community in the years following its strand-inducing fall. Filled with caves and fast vehicles, ‘Exile’ claims to offer plenty of “frantic” action for fans.

Halo 4 Exile Screenshots

With all of this information, on top of the new and improved Grifball mode in Halo 4, the game may very well end up being the best Halo title yet. 343 has proven they know what they’re doing thus far, and anyone still on the fence about the series’ future post-Bungie should be finding the overall appeal of Halo 4 growing with every new detail released.

There’s still plenty of content that Microsoft has yet to unleash upon the masses (they do have a 10 year plan for the Halo franchise, after all), so stick around Game Rant for more news as it unfolds.

Halo 4 will attempt to finish the fight… again on November 6th, exclusively for Xbox 360.

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