You may not be familiar with it, but in the weeks and months to come, expect to hear a lot more about a little game called ‘Grifball.’ The popular game mode originating from the Red Vs. Blue web series has developed a rabid fan base over the years since its creation in Halo 3 multiplayer, and only shows signs of growing in popularity.

At PAX Prime 2012, 343 Industries gave good news to fans of the sport by confirming that not only will Grifball be supported in Halo 4, but that the development team has come up with a few new changes that could take Grifball to a whole new level. If that’s even possible.

While it may have begun as a joke (Everybody kill Grif), Grifball actually managed to reduce much of Halo‘s core combat and weapon philosophies into a head-to-head battle not unlike most organized, point-based games. The rules are simple enough: Two teams (Red and Blue) square off in a large, empty room. A bomb is spawned in the center, and each team attempts to carry it into the opposing team’s goal to win a point, and end the round. Equipped with only Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords, the goal is to eliminate the ball carrier (the Grif) and turn the tide, with the first team earning nine points winning.

Halo 4 Grifball Mode

Any number of strategies and tactics take that simple premise and turn it into absolute insanity, and the developers at 343 have obviously taken notice. Sharing a strong connection with Rooster Teeth‘s fan community, the development team announced that Grifball will now officially be included in Halo 4‘s multiplayer as a separate game mode. With official inclusion comes new perks that those involved claim will add to the gameplay. Passing the Grifball between teammates, and assassinations with the Energy Sword immediately making the killer the new Grif are just the first changes being detailed, but the results look promising.

For those who have yet to be fully acquainted with the strategies and various intricacies of Grifball, we’d suggest taking a few minutes to learn how it might just save the world of future sports. All you need to know to get Griffing, courtesy of Rooster Teeth:

The creativity and commitment to modding and custom game types is a true measure of a game’s fan base, and the Halo series has seen plenty, both official and otherwise. We all remember the absurd hilarity of the aptly-named ‘Speed Halo,’ but Grifball is a full-on sport. The fans who made the game as successful as it now is deserve just as much credit as those who spurred its creation, but there are still sure to be some who have yet to experience the triumphant terror of becoming the Grif.

Hopefully more footage, or a more official introduction to the mode from 343 will be coming in the next few weeks or months, so budding level designers can raise the stakes using the new Forge creation tools, or get started on the next custom sensation. Man can not live on Grifball alone, after all.  Well actually, he could.

Halo 4 will be released on November 6, 2012, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Source: Eurogamer