From what we’ve seen of Halo 4‘s multiplayer so far, 343 Industries seems poised to do the impossible, and deliver an experience every bit as polished and refined as Bungie ever did. The most dedicated online pros seem to approve of its potential, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to take the online components of Halo 4 as seriously.

After all, what’s more exciting that mixing classic Halo gameplay with zombie-movie paranoia and gunplay?

We speak, of course, of Infection: the game type which simulated the spreading of a virus from one player to many, converting (through killing) the uninfected one by one. Now replacing the nameless infection with The Flood, 343 has formalized the mode in a number of ways that look to cement the game type for the franchise’s future. Now we have an in-depth examination of the new Flood Mode pitting Spartans against their corrupted brethren, with insights from the designers themselves.

The walkthrough video, courtesy of IGN, shows off the ten-player game type on the Solace multiplayer map with commentary by Kevin Franklin, 343’s lead multiplayer designer. The Flood Mode looks to keep much of the original Infection game type intact, with a few noticeable changes. Nothing quite as reinvented as 343’s tweaked and expanded Grifball mode, to be sure, but plenty of adjustments to make the overall experience in keeping with the larger fiction of The Flood. The infected opponents are still just as easily managed from a distance, with panic and disorder coming when they manage to creep up, surprise, or merely overrun the Survivors’ defenses.

Halo 4 Flood Mode Walkthrough Video

What immediately stands out is the filter placed over the standard Spartan faceplate once infected, with a music change also teased to make each player truly feel as if they have been corrupted. But changes behind the scenes, like the matchmaking evenly spreading out which players will start as infected, also promise to make the experience more polished than in the past.

The Flood gameplay footage that previously appeared online showed brief glimpses of both sides and a first look at the strange weapon that the infected will be using to dispatch their former teammates. Now clarified to be the ‘Flood Talon’ or ‘Flood Claw,’ the attachment is confirmed to function as an Energy Sword, with a few bright flashes even visible at times (potentially bugs based on the underlying programming).

343 is doign everything within their power to make the multiplayer modes their own through unique game modes, armor types and abilities, while still churning out maps that any gamer could spot as a Halo multiplayer arena (not to mention updating fan favorites). More walkthroughs should be coming soon, so we’ll keep you updated as they’re released.

How does this new take measure up to the former mode, for those of you who played a fair amount? If you’ve never heard of the Infection game type, does the addition of The Flood pique your interest? Sound off in the comments.

In case you’re interested, be sure to check out the series of video walkthroughs released in the lead up to launch:

Halo 4 will be released on November 6, 2012, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Source: IGN