Halo 4 launch day has finally arrived (read our review). At this moment, millions of players are experiencing Master Chief’s next adventure, or engaging in some of the new Infinity War Games. But for those who are a little intimidated by the multiplayer offerings, or are simply biding their time until they can dive into the experience, 343 Industries has you covered.

In keeping with their lengthy multiplayer map walkthroughs, the developers are detailing two of Halo 4‘s new game types: Extraction and Slayer Pro. They may be new additions, but from the looks of these trailers, they’re going to earn some affection soon.

The new twist on Horde Mode being implemented via Dominion has earned much of the attention, and deservedly so. But in the new multiplayer walkthrough courtesy of IGN, it’s clear that 343 hasn’t skimped on innovation. Beginning with Extraction, the increased emphasis on teamwork and depth is in full display.

Halo 4 Extraction Slayer Pro Walkthrough

Essentially a point-capture game type, Extraction challenges teams to claim, defend, and extract Forerunner artifacts from one of two points on the map. Like any good ‘Capture the Flag’ mode, players will be faced with some serious questions: should we avoid initial conflict and take the point less-guarded? Or trust in our superior team cohesion to capture and defend both points simultaneously?

We’ll leave those choices up to the players, but as the walkthrough shows, carnage is inevitable. Extraction offers a more welcoming multiplayer mode for those less experienced players who may be scared off by the Midnight-launchers. Communicating with one’s team is essential, but the chance to grasp how a team should – and should not – function is also a learning experience.

But for the seasoned veterans, or those who simply desire to be completely outmatched, Slayer Pro is where it’s at. Have a look:

According to Lead Multiplayer Designer Kevin Franklin, the mode was designed to offer “as pure a competitive experience as possible.” With increased speed and a lack of radar the catering to pros is clear, but the changes go much deeper. Individual Ordnance Drops are no longer accessible, instead being offered to all in the arena, again placing the emphasis on pure competition.

The mode is currently included in the multiplayer rotation as a 4v4 game type, again highlighting the need to work as a group. Rumble Pit variants, and 8v8 are also possible, but bigger isn’t always better. The commitment to supporting MLG and more experienced players is going to extend beyond launch, as Franklin repeats the promise that changes will be coming regularly. Clan support, and whatever else the fan community demands will be considered down the road, assuming what’s offered fails to satisfy.

In case you missed them, be sure to get acquainted with all the new maps and variants. We’re all beginners at Halo 4 (for this week anyway) but a little homework never hurt anybody:

Halo 4 is available today, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Source: IGN