Red vs. Blue Achievement/Caboose Chatter

The connections between Rooster Teeth and Halo are well known, beginning with the now-infamous Red vs. Blue web series. We’re still waiting to see if 343 has crafted as large and elaborate a tribute to the studio as they did for Reach, but Spartan Ops already includes one reference. And an attached achievement.

In the fifth mission of Spartan Ops’ first episode, a well-placed shot earns the ‘Roses vs. Violets’ Achievement. But the Gamerscore points and acoustic strums aren’t the only reward. The ensuing combat encounters include radio chatter from one of Blue Team’s finest, hopefully the first of many crossovers between the straight-laced co-op campaign and the machinima comedy.

Considering just how much action looks to be coming with Spartan Ops’ first season, we might get our wish.

Those are the hidden secret and Easter eggs that have been uncovered in Halo 4 so far, but they certainly aren’t the last. We’ll do our best to keep you updated, but the biggest and most elaborate secrets took serious dedication to discover. If any more surface, fill us in.¬†Until then, happy hunting!

Halo 4 is available now for the Xbox 360.

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