If the Halo series has become known for something other than its dense mythology and unpredictable gameplay, it’s a sense of humor. It’s one of the things that distinguished the series from so many other ‘space marine’ adventures, and kept players scouring every nook and cranny for flourishes and inside-jokes.

It’s no surprise then that Easter eggs and hidden items are already being found within Halo 4, ranging from the mildly odd to downright hilarious. Saving humanity is important, to be sure. But the Forerunners aren’t going anywhere.

We’ve gathered up the latest ones to be uncovered, but who knows how many secrets are buried in Halo 4‘s campaign, multiplayer, and Spartan Ops. The order here is roughly chronological in terms of campaign acts, and bear only the smallest of spoilers. Those who are weary of even mission beats being revealed can steer clear, but you’ll be missing out.

Master Chief’s Service Record

Halo 4 Service Record Easter Egg

The opening of Halo 4 has likely already been seen by most who intend to, and after the exploration of John’s childhood trauma, the Chief jumps into action like he’s spent four years asleep. Cortana’s sense of urgency – bolstered by the closing moments of Forward Unto Dawn – may not encourage exploration. Of course, that means passing by the first easter egg of the game.

Most players will run down the catwalk from Forward Unto Dawn’s cryo-chambers to the command center without hesitation, and completely ignore the set of stairs leading into the lower level. Simply approach the terminal placed below, and be treated to a complete detailing of John-117’s service record. In other words, a complete plot summary of the first three Halo titles up to Halo 4‘s opening scene.

We’ll bet most players will already be familiar, but it’s worth a listen for those who may have forgotten some of the finer points. And considering how much the ensuing campaign will forever change the Halo universe, a refresher won’t go amiss. It may not be one of the most mind-blowing terminals in the game, but it’s a start.

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