Much to the surprise of very few, Halo 4 shattered previous sales records set by every first-party Microsoft title that came before it when it launched late last year. There are few space-centric games that can stack up to Master Chief’s adventures in terms of profitability, and it’s for that very reason that developers associated with the project can be considered a hot commodity within the industry.

With that established, it comes as no surprise to hear that Halo 4‘s lead designer Scott Warner has been hired on at Visceral Games as a design director for an unannounced project.

Taking to Twitter, Warner confirmed his new position to several thousand of his followers. He didn’t get into details regarding the identity of the project itself, but reassured fans that he was “excited” to begin cracking the metaphorical whip at his new place of employment.

Visceral Games is known for its work on the Dead Space franchise, which makes the Electronic Arts subsidiary’s decision to hire Warner a logical move; especially considering that he has experience developing a Triple-A space shooter already. Whether or not that means Warner has begun work on a, presumably, next-gen Dead Space remains to be seen, but there is one other possible title the designer could be working on.

As gamers are well aware, EA scored the rights to make Star Wars games from Disney shortly after the mouse house bought out LucasArts. The only game confirmed to be in development following the deal is DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront, but Visceral Games was specifically mentioned as a developer that would begin work on a Star Wars title.

Visceral has begun revving up development on the game, so it’s plausible (if not incredibly likely) that Warner was brought in to help create a game comparable to Halo 4 using the Star Wars IP. Whether or not that’s the case is unknown, but it sounds as if fans will be left in the dark for a while still.

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Source: Scott Warner