There are few gaming franchises as prestigious as Halo, so, understandably, there is a great deal of excitement surrounding any new installment in the series. Halo 4 will mark the first game in the brand new Reclaimer Trilogy created by 343 Industries, but more importantly it marks the return of the iconic Master Chief. There’s no shortage of enemies for Spartan 117 to tear apart in this game either, and the latest trailer for the much anticipated title focuses on the armaments of one faction that fans of the series will immediately recognize.

343 has released a new trailer highlighting the Covenant’s weapons in Halo 4, and fans should be content with almost everything aspect of the teaser.

Aside from the dubstep (or maybe because of the dubstep, depending on your taste in music) the trailer manages to entertain viewers, while highlighting the weaponry of the dubious extraterrestrial group in a chaotic multiplayer setting. The carnage the follows should assure long-time Halo followers that, at the very least, the multiplayer portion of the game will remain as fun as it’s always been — despite Bungie moving away from the series.

Halo 4 Covenant

Familiar weapons such as the Gravity Hammer, Covenant Carbine, Fuel Rod Cannon, Needler, Plasma Pistol, Concussion Rifle, Beam Rifle, and Energy Sword all make their triumphant return. Meanwhile, the new Storm Rifle will be replacing the Plasma Rifle, which may cause a little bit of an uproar amongst Halo aficionados. After watching the Storm Rifle in action however, it’s obvious that the upgraded Plasma Rifle should mix up the combat quite nicely.

It’s nice to see some familiar aspects of the Halo universe, especially after watching the Forerunners ViDoc, but the changes appear to be for the best. Halo 4‘s multiplayer managed to impress us when we got our hands on it during this year’s E3, and 343’s hard work is definitely paying off. Here’s hoping that the campaign will be able to do the same.

Halo 4 invades retailers this November 6th, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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