While San Diego Comic-Con tends to be dominated by the entertainment industry’s biggest films and TV shows there is still a strong video game presence as well. Among the list of confirmed games on display for the show include the likes of Assassin’s Creed 3, Guardians of Middle-Earth, and The Last of Us, all of who are set to unveil something pretty substantial. Perhaps the biggest reveal, though, will come by way of 343 Industries, who will be bringing something pretty exciting for hopeful Halo 4 fans.

Just revealed during the Rooster Teeth Expo this past weekend, is the fact that 343 will not just be bringing along closer looks at Halo 4‘s single player campaign, but Comic-Con will also mark the first time that Spartan Ops, the game’s new weekly story-driven mode, will be playable by the public.

What we know of the mode thus far tells us that Spartan Ops, which takes place on the downed Infinity, the spaceship featured in Halo 4‘s most recent live-action trailer, is it’s set six months after the events of Master Chief’s campaign and will be comprised of weekly DLC releases of five missions and a CG cut scene. Most of what we know about Spartan Ops thus far has been contained in trailers or detailed by 343 Industries, making San Diego Comic-Con the first time gamers will be able to experience what types of missions are in store for them.

Along with having a strong presence on the Con’s show floor, Microsoft also has several panels running throughout the four days that are definitely worth checking out, including two focused on Halo 4. But it’s apparently Spartan Ops that will be the main area of focus for this particular event.

The plan with Spartan Ops is to keep players returning to Halo 4 long after they’ve charted through the single player campaign, and mined the multiplayer modes for all of its entertainment. Unlike many of the other side content offerings, however, Spartan Ops provides that story-focused content that will deliver more of an incentive to keep playing, and it’s completely free.

Will be in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con? Are you looking forward to hearing more about Spartan Ops?

Halo 4 releases November 6, 2012 for the Xbox 360.

Source: Destructoid, VG24/7