With Halo 4’s post-launch activity figures starting to shrink, developer 343 Industries has announced plans to revitalize the series’ user base. Appearing at the annual Rooster Teeth Expo in Texas this Saturday, the studio behind the franchise’s critically acclaimed fourth outing took to the stage to unveil an all-new multiplayer-centric Halo 4 ‘Champions Bundle’.

Co-developed by Certain Affinity studios, the three-pronged content collection will be made up of ‘Infinity Armor’, ‘Steel Skins’, & ‘Bullseye’ sets, respectively. ‘Infinity’ will include a trio of franchise favorite armor types (‘Mark V,’ ‘ODST’ & ‘Prefect’ variants) whilst ‘Steel Skins’ will re-imagine some of the series’ most iconic weaponry in steampunk-style garb. Finally, ‘Bullseye’ will introduce two new multiplayer maps and a sports-themed suit to proceedings, as well as a brand new ‘Gravball’ variant known as ‘Richochet.’

Fans of Halo 3’s ‘Pit’ arena (now ‘Pitfall) will be pleased to note that the blood-soaked storehouse returns to rotation here, alongside an all-new beachhead map named ‘Vertigo.’ Exposed to the elements, ‘Pitfall’ has become something of a desert dune since players last set foot inside its confines. Missing wall tiles could even hint at a larger field of play this time out. Vertigo, for its part, includes numerous region-specific hazards, including an electrified flooring system, and a crackling conduit tower. Attacking the tower appears to unleash the level’s pent up electric energy, resulting in an insta-death killing spree for players timely enough to utilize it.

Both locales are featured prominently in the game’s latest trailer, offering players an early insight into the title’s next great stomping grounds. Speaking of stomping, Richochet’s murderous take on competitive handball also appears, with Red and Blue combatants taking turns to crack necks, win possession, and fire home for goal.

The trailer’s closing moments include a humorous nod to the world of soccer; with Halo’s lovable announcer celebrating a tasty finish from the boys in blue. Whether the likes of “GOAAAL!” will enter into the pantheon of great Halo catchphrases, alongside series favorites “KILLtacular!” & “KILLimanjaro!” remains to be seen, but judging by this ecstatic celebration, players could be in for a few more sport-centric lines.

The Halo 4 ‘Champions Bundle’ will be made available from August 20th onwards for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). 343 has also confirmed the bundle will include 18 unique in-game items, including the ‘Resistor Tactical Package,’ armor that boosts speed and dexterity under fire.  Early adopters will also receive exclusive access to the ‘Richochet’ game type for a period of 2 weeks, after which all Halo 4 players will also receive the mode.

Purchased separately the ‘Pitfall’ & ‘Vertigo’ maps are priced at 480 Microsoft Points ($6) each, with reskin sets costing an additional 240 Microsoft Points ($3) per pack. According to Microsoft’s pricing incentive strategy, buying the bundle will save dedicated fans a total of 640 Microsoft Points ($8). Not a bad deal for what is likely to be the last batch of content for Microsoft Game Studios’ top-selling game of all time in the United States.

So will you be picking up Halo 4’s upcoming Champions DLC Bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

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