343 Industries is continuing to prove that the wide variety of multiplayer locations being cooked up for Halo 4 need more than just a name to convey style or in-stage mechanics. The newest multiplayer arena to receive the walkthrough treatment is Adrift, a map that could end up being a favorite among the most competitive Halo fans.

Taking a far more industrial style than we’ve seen with Ragnarok, or even Longbow, Adrift is once again creating a brand new foundation for interesting (if frantic) multiplayer action. As is the case with all thing Halo 4, however, there are enough touchstones to the past to make even lapsed fans nostalgic.

As explained by lead level designer Kynan Pearson in the latest video walkthrough from IGN, Adrift is a close-quarters, symmetrical map. The style may remind some of past maps like Rat’s Nest or Countdown, but that’s just at face value. As was evident when the first assets for the map dropped under the working title ‘Warhouse,’ the stage itself is a re-purposed mining vessel.

That means no long sight lines for snipers here – just hallways, staircases and platforms begging to host some rabid skirmishes. While the art may be varied throughout the location, Adrift is essentially a symmetrical map tailor-made for competitive, objective-based multiplayer.

Halo 4 Adrift Map Screenshot

What is instantly obvious given Adrift’s various cover points and interconnected hallways is the need for team cohesion. It’s nearly impossible to spot a single firing position or defensible area that doesn’t leave at least one side exposed, so players will need to work together, or fall victim to even slightly more experienced opponents.

Pearson notes his personal preference for Promethean Vision and Hardlight Shield abilities in the close-range combat of Adrift, but don’t take that as the only path to success. 343 has previously spoken about the new Armor Ability strategies being crafted internally, so there are sure to be tactical combinations and permutations even they haven’t uncovered. Especially if the multiplayer customization is, as they claim, deeper than Call of Duty.

The finer points that 343 has paid attention to in designing new multiplayer maps continues to shine through. Whether it’s spawning the Energy Sword between the Mech’s legs at the heart of the map, and the Promethean Scattershot conversely spawned at the exterior, or the addition of safety rails to minimize accidental death, they’ve got their bases covered.

Halo 4 Adrift Walkthrough Video

We never doubted they would, but so far there haven’t been even the slightest causes for concern. With both large-scale maps for those fans of vehicle carnage, and mid-range for teams that like to blend melee with sniping, there just might be something for everybody. Did we mention Grifball?

And for those who may have missed them, be sure to check out the video walkthroughs previously released:

Halo 4 will be released on November 6, 2012, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Source: IGN