Xbox Mexico Teases ‘Halo 2 Anniversary’ Announcement for E3 2014

By | 2 years ago 

With less than a week until E3 2014 kicks off in earnest many big name developers have begun teasing their announcements for the all-important gaming event. Some have taken a more direct approach by flat out revealing their game — like NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon did with Mortal Kombat X — while others are deploying the use of cryptic teaser messages and images to tantalize fans.

Just recently, Xbox’s Mexican contingent teased an announcement that we’ve been expecting from Microsoft at their press conference next week. Through a series of images and text, the company all but confirms that Halo 2 Anniversary will be announced.

The tweet in question (seen below) asks players (in Spanish) if they remember E3 2003 and E3 2004, and features two different images of Halo 2-era Master Chief. A short trip down memory lane will tell gamers that E3 2003 featured the official unveiling of Halo 2 and E3 2004 featured a first look at the game’s multiplayer in action.


Although it’s possible that Xbox Mexico is simply teasing major events in Microsoft’s E3 history, chances are this is yet another in a long list of Halo 2 Anniversary teases. At this point, gamers will be pretty disappointed if Microsoft doesn’t announce the game for 2014.

While the post is pretty telling, what isn’t entirely clear is whether Halo 2 Anniversary will be a solo title or, as previously rumored, part of a collection. Although the first Halo Anniversary was a single retail release, there have been numerous claims suggesting Microsoft will release a fully blown Halo: Master Chief Collection that will include Halos 2, 3, and 4 for Xbox One.

Despite the growing evidence, however, Microsoft has yet to confirm any Halo game outside of Halo 5 is in development. We expect to see more of that game in action at E3 2014, but 343 Industries has also promised to address Halo plans as their pertain to this year as well. It’s ultimately a fancy way for the company to skirt around the existence of an incoming Halo Collection without actually saying anything about it.

Are you interested in revisiting Halo 2 on next-gen? What Halo-related information would you like to see from Microsoft at this year’s E3?

Source: Xbox Mexico (via CVG)