Corrupted Saves: Halloweenie Roast

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Scary games have been a gaming staple since pretty much forever. What's more amusing than playing through the likes of Dead Space 2 or any upcoming Resident Evil title are the numerous unintentionally frightening foibles the industry has seen over the course of a few decades. It's like a house of virtual horrors. Of course these horrors haven't really been thrilling or enjoyable, and most likely cost someone lots of money, but we can all look back and laugh, right?

For example, is there anything more frightening than trying to connect to a Battlefield multiplayer match within days of launch? Even Battlefield 3 has been no different despite having big beta numbers and pre-order statistics to help out. Sometimes gaming horror comes in packs, like the hordes of peripherals Nintendo has been quick to unleash upon its devices lately. Steering wheels, balance boards, extra thumb-pads; I bet the hair on your neck is standing up just thinking about it.

The gaming industry even has horror classics. Whose blood doesn't curdle a bit when they think about the Virtual Boy? How about a scary flop like Daikatana - surely that brings a bit of misty-eyed horror nostalgia. You can be sure that thinking about it still scares the crap out of John Romero. And then there's Sonic... just... ugh, chills.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. Remember, don't eat the razorblades in the candy because you don't know what type of germs are on them.

Halloween Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 058

Comic by Zac Landry.

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