Every Major Halloween In-Game Event for 2019

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's just about the time many games roll out a special spooky surprise. A number of the events have already begun, and more are on the way, so here's a handy round-up of all 2019's in-game Halloween events announced so far.

Anthem's Season of Skulls

Anthem is taking advantage of its sibling status to the beloved Mass Effect series in its Season of Skulls Halloween event. Players will get the chance to use Asari, Krogan, Quarian, and Turian armor during the event, along with new weekly and seasonal challenges and an increased legendary drop rate. The Season of Skulls will also be a bit of a lore drop, with a fog gathering around Fort Tarsis and "intriguing secrets" scattered throughout it.

Apex Legends' Fight or Fright

Apex Legends' Fight or Fright event began on October 15 and will run until November 5. Fight or Fright will bring players to a nighttime version of the Kings Canyon map, where regular matches will take a creepy turn: once a player dies, rather than going to the end-game screen, their character will be reanimated as an undead version of themselves. Then the undead players will go after the living ones, who will have to band together once only 10 survivors remain to reach an evac ship.

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Bloodborne's Return to Yharnam

Bloodborne's Halloween event is a little more non-traditional, in that the Return to Yharnam event is completely community-run. There are officially sanctioned costumes for players to show off, but for the main event, players are encouraged to roll new characters and then interact with fellow Hunters as much as possible, Summoning or Invading them frequently. Bloodborne's community event is going on now and runs until November 5.

Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest

Borderlands 3 may be a recent release, but Gearbox already has plenty of plans for the role-playing shooter. The Bloody Harvest is free for all Borderlands 3 players, and while the event hasn't begun yet, its start date will be revealed later this month. Nevertheless, a few details on the spooky event are already available: a new vendor named Maurice will appear onboard players' ships who accepts a Halloween-specific currency called Hectoplasm. New enemies will also start cropping up all over the galaxy equipped with terror debuffs to knock players off their game. Later on, players will gain access to the Bloody Harvest map; a location full of haunts and led by Captain Haunt -- and any player that beats him will score some choice Halloween-themed gear.

Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2 brought back its haunting Festival of the Lost on October 16, and event vendor Amanda Holiday will be back with bounties that earn players the special Halloween currency of fragmented souls. Themed cosmetics will be available aplenty, players will make a return to the haunted forest for hours' worth of new challenges, and finally, guardians will also gain access to a limited-time murder mystery quest. With Destiny 2 just recently being made free to play, anyone can explore the Festival for the first time ever.

Final Fantasy 14's All Saints' Wake

Final Fantasy 14 kicked off its All Saints' Wake just a couple of days ago on October 17. To access All Saints' Wake, players must be at least level 15 and complete the "It's Probably Pirates" quest. From there, they can head to Old Gridania and speak to the Adventurers' Guild Investigator for more information. The event gives players a chance to earn plenty of in-game items, including the new Circus Ahriman mount and a few favorites from previous years.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's Dark Arts Month

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is doing a number of things to celebrate Dark Arts Month. There's the two-part Fighting Forces Brilliant Event, during which players will come face-to-face with Death Eaters, escaped Azkaban prisoners, Sirius Black (but he's a good guy?), and Dementors. Furthermore, a Halloween quest will begin on October 31, in which players will explore a Dark Arts-themed Fortress Chamber and win some special rewards.

Hearthstone's Doom in the Tomb

Hearthstone's limited-time Doom in the Tomb event has players facing the Headless Horseman inside Uldaman over a three-week period. In the third week, players can also take advantage of a new Tavern Brawl that rotates enemies around the board after each turn. Finally, an Arena costume party will let players pick a Hero and Hero Power before then drafting cards from both classes. Doom in the Tomb runs from October 8 through October 30.

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Hitman 2

Hitman 2 will feature Halloween-themed challenges and events, plus a graveyard map, beginning on October 22. Three of those challenge packs also introduce new enemies: the Master Vampire, Master Scarecrow, and Himmapan Horror. Then, on October 25, players will get the chance to hunt down a serial killer stalking the inhabitants of Whittleton Creek. For the main event, on October 31, players can delve into a challenge pack based on old slasher films -- The Uninvited.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11's free in-game event begins on October 25, bringing four new Halloween-themed boss fights to the game which include flying witches and bats, falling pumpkins, black cats, and tombstones rising from the ground. To top off the fun, the event also adds new brutalities, Halloween consumables, and other in-game rewards to earn.

Overwatch's Halloween Terror

Overwatch is going all out for its Halloween Terror event with new skins and in-game rewards, plus the return of Junkenstein's Revenge co-op mode. Every week, Junkenstein will offer new and spooky character-themed winner rewards: nine wins in each of the three weeks will yield icons, sprays, and skins for Junkrat, Baptiste, and Sombra, in that order.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is, as usual, a little more family-friendly with its Halloween 2019 event. Players can catch versions of the four starter pokemon in cute Halloween costumes, including Pikachu dressing up as Mimikyu. There are also lots of goodies for trainers, special Field Research assignments, and the chance to battle against Darkrai in a five-star raid.

Rocket League's Haunted Hallows

Rocket League is teaming up with Stranger Things for Halloween this year for the Haunted Hallows event, which offers an Upside Down version of the Farmstead map for players to use. There's even a great big Mind Flayer looming over the field, to give players a little extra spook. And the Halloween in-game currency, Candy Corn, can be used to acquire a bunch of new themed items.

World of Warcraft Classic's Hallow's End

World of Warcraft Classic is also hosting a Hallow's End that many founds of the MMO will want to check out, as they can trick or treat, bob for apples, attend the Wickerman Festival, check out a new questline, and more.

With Halloween events galore, players have plenty of choices on how they'd like to spend the days leading up to Halloween.

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