The fan-made follow-up to Valve’s and Gearbox Software’s sci-fi title Half-Life: Opposing Force, is out now and is available for purchase through Steam.

Independent developer and incredibly devoted Half-Life: Opposing Force fan, Richard Seabrook, has finally finished the follow-up to the Valve-published and Gearbox Software-developed title from 1999, and it can now be enjoyed by PC gamers everywhere. Known as Prospekt — a reference to the old, dilapidated prison in which the unofficial follow-up to Half-Life: Opposing Force begins — it can be purchased and played as a standalone item for $10.

For those unaware, Prospekt focuses on the story of the US Marine Adrian Shephard, who is teleported by Vortigaunts into the Nova Prospekt prison in which the silent protagonist of other Half-Life games, Gordon Freeman, is pinned down. Players will take on the role of Shephard to help even the odds against the nefarious Combine, so that Freeman can survive.

Seabrook has been trying to finish development on Prospekt for two years, as it initially started as a way for him to display his game development skills to Valve in order to possibly get hired on as a game designer at the company. Since he didn’t get the job, though, the independent developer continued working on the project, by posting Prospekt to Steam Greenlight in June of 2015, with it quickly getting approved, leading to the Washington-based studio eventually giving Seabrook the approval to the franchise’s license and assets. For those who want a better look at what Prospekt has to offer, check out the game’s official trailer below.

Simply for the sake of clarity, although Prospekt builds upon materials from previous entries in the Half-Life series, there’s no need for fans to own any of the other games in order to play through Seabrook’s creation. With that in mind, the independently-developed title has 13 levels in all, and it promises a ““substantial, highly polished and totally new addition to the Half-Life 2 universe,” as Seabrook has claimed it to be roughly as long as Half Life 2: Episode One.

Although Prospekt has just been released, reviews listed on the game’s Steam page are mixed, with many pointing out positive aspects such as its atmosphere, but proclaiming it to not be worth the asking price. Of course, should fans decide to take the risk to buy the title and not enjoy it, they can use Steam’s refund system within 14 days of purchase. However, it’s important to note that in order to get a full return on the sale, fans can only have logged less than 2 hours in the game.

If gamers want to play it safe, there are a plethora of Half-Life mods that are absolutely free, and offer plenty of interesting content. For instance, there’s the ambitious “ICE” mod which takes all of Half-Life 2‘s materials and injects an arctic flavor into the game by adding icy landscapes and underground bases. Taking all of this into consideration, it’s obvious that what fans really want is for Valve to finally start development on Half-Life 3. Nevertheless, we’ll likely just have to wait until Gabe Newell gives it the go-ahead.

The fan-made follow-up to Half Life: Opposing Force is out now and is available for PC.

Source: Richard Seabrook – YouTube (via PC Gamer)