GR Pick: 'Half-Life: I'm The Freeman' Trailer

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One of the most brilliant concepts of the Half-Life series is that it never leaves the first person perspective of protagonist, Gordon Freeman.

Freeman, a theoretical physicist, has become the one symbol of hope in a world that has become oppressed by the Combine forces - so what better way to showcase this fact than by making a short movie trailer for a "I really wish this was in the works" Half-Life film?

Well, Marco Spitoni, employee of the special effects house WETA, decided to put together said movie trailer and continue to give us hope that, perhaps one day, there will be a Half-Life movie capable of meeting fan's enormous expectations:

Check out the trailer for Half-Life: I'm The Freeman below:


I would love for this project to get off the ground, but seeing as Half-Life: Episode 3 has yet to be released, it may be difficult.

As much as I would like to see Half-Life brought to the motion picture arena, I'm also hesitant. First, the fact that Gordon never speaks a single word in any of the games presents a slight problem. The NPCs of the games do all the talking and reflect what Gordon is likely thinking, but who knows? Maybe Gordon is a mute and managed to become some crazy MIT success story as the one student who still graduated without speaking a word in his whole life. Okay, maybe that's a stretch but, still, giving Gordon a voice could dramatically alter the character.

Voice acting would be less of a concern, I would imagine most of the cast would be happy to reprise their roles for a film, with the exception of Robert Culp, who is sadly no longer with us. A WETA realized world of Half-Life would no doubt be something to see, they do an excellent job of portraying scale, and after seeing District 9, I'm even more eager for a cinematic trip into the Half-Life universe.

I've still got my fingers crossed and until then, I'll just get my Half-Life fill in The Orange Box.

Just in case you're still itching for more Valve, don't forget about Portal 2 (now with co-op) and the zombie-killing filled Left 4 Dead series (with a new comic book series).

Source: Kotaku

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