One incredibly talented fan of Valve’s iconic sci-fi shooter Half-Life creates a real life drone version of the action-adventure game’s City 17 scanner.

With Half-Life having just recently hit the 10 year anniversary of the announcement of Episode 3 for the second installment in the series, it seems as if we won’t be seeing the sequel coming out any time soon. Even though that’s probably the case, it doesn’t mean that fans can’t celebrate the Half-Life franchise as a whole by creating their own stuff inspired by the IP with mods, or by crafting items in the real world itself.

Interestingly enough, the modder and YouTuber known as Valplushka recently brought an element from what many consider to be one of the top sci-fi game worlds into reality by creating an actual flying version of Half-Life 2‘s City 17 scanner drones. As it happens, the model is so convincing that it’s nearly impossible to watch it zip around without having an urge to smash it to pieces with a crowbar.

As seen in the footage below, Valplushka flies the City 17 drone around with a remote control in various spots in Russia that are reminiscent of the dystopian environments found within Half-Life 2, by having it hover in a dilapidated warehouse building and across rubble-strewn fields. For those interested in how the quadcopter’s components were put together, the YouTuber provides an in-depth breakdown in the video’s description and a behind-the-scenes building session showing the planning phases.

Naturally, this isn’t the first time that a fan has taken it upon themselves to create something outside the realm of video games that’s inspired by the Half-Life universe. For example, one person made a live action short film recreating the opening sequence from the first entry in the series. Then there was the instance of the visual effects artist Marco Spitoni who imagined what an actual Half-Life movie would be like by shooting and editing a fake trailer called I’m the Freeman.

While Valplushka’s working City 17 drone replica is decidedly well-done, it’s unfortunate that the creation will unintentionally dredge up the desire for Half-Life 3 to finally come to pass, which in all likelihood won’t happen for the foreseeable future. Of course, E3 2016 is just around the corner, which always has room for surprises, but don’t bet on an actual announcement or reveal coming from Valve this year.

What do you think about Valplushka’s real life City 17 drone from Half-Life 2? Does it make you want to build one of your own, or at the very least see another creation from the series come into existence, like, say, the Gravity Gun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The most recent entry in the Half-Life series is Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and it is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Valplushka – YouTube (via Gizmodo)