GR Pick: Trailer for 'Half-Life: Beyond Black Mesa' Fan Film

GR Pick Beyond Black Mesa Half-Life Trailer

Let's be serious: it's difficult to make a good movie based on a video game. Even when the game just happens to be one of the most financially successful media releases of all time.

It's no surprise that rumors surrounding one of the most critically acclaimed games - considered by many to be one of the best games ever made - are hard to kill. Without telepathic abilities, it's not easy to discern if a Half-Life movie will ever see the light of day. But a handful of independent filmmakers have taken it upon themselves to create their own film set in the Half-Life universe: Beyond Black Mesa.

We've already seen a fan-made trailer for the much-sought-after film, but this group has taken it to a whole new level, creating an entire film based on the conflict between humans and alien invaders. The film takes a new look into the world of Half-Life, following a new character in a new story. As described by the film's official site:

"Inspired by the Half-Life Video Game series, this is an action packed short film centering around Adrian Shephard and a band of resistance fighters struggling to get out a warning about the impending invasion."

Aliens, the Combine, lambdas - they're all here in the trailer, so check it out:


The film is the product of a dedicated team of artists, $1200 from their own pockets, 2 years of production, and hours spent hunched over a computer screen. While many labors of love from fans of popular game franchises are displayed with pride on the internet, or added to one's portfolio of work, Beyond Black Mesa is on another level.

Beyond Black Mesa has already won Best Science Fiction film at the Action on Film Festival.

Beyond Black Mesa Poster

The film has recently finished being shown at the Sidewalk Film Festival, and is currently being submitted to several more. While it may not be the multi-million-dollar production that some are hoping to see, this is clearly an inspired piece of work. With every new display of fan dedication to the world created by Valve, the case gets a bit stronger for a big-screen adaptation. It's top-quality work like this that will convince Valve to keep the idea of a movie on the table.

For more details on the film's production, cast and crew, and to keep up to date on showings near you, head over to the official site at Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this won't be the last venture into the world of Half-Life from the team, and hopefully some of you will be fortunate enough to catch the movie firsthand.

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