Half-Life 3 Will Not Support VR, Says Valve

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Half-Life 3 has become the universal running joke in the gaming industry. Even companies that have no ties to Valve or previous Half-Life games have found ways to insert Half-Life 3 Easter Eggs into their games. Most recently, Mad Max featured a cave that housed a dead Gordon Freeman, Half-Life‘s bespectacled protagonist.

Despite the fact that Half-Life 2: Episode Two was released almost a decade ago and Valve has said nothing about moving forward with Half-Life 3, gamers can’t resist the urge to ask Valve employees about the game at every opportunity. In an EGX Q&A session with one of Valve’s top writers, Chet Faliszeck, one member of the audience asked whether or not Half-Life 3 would be a virtual reality game. Sadly, Faliszeck’s response was a quick and resolute “No.”

Considering the fact that Half-Life 3 isn’t even known to be in development, the question was likely a cheeky attempt by the audience member to get Faliszeck to confirm the game’s existence. Later in the session, the same attendee asked about Half-Life 3 again, to which Faliszeck replied “I said ‘no.'”

Half-Life Pistol

There are sure to be many gamers who see this as only a response to the questions asked – that Half-Life 3 will not be a VR game – and not as a hint that the game isn’t coming. But there will always be those who continue dreaming that it will one day become a reality. However, at this point, it’s probably best that gamers move on from the long-awaited Half-Life 3 confirmation. In fact, even if Valve did create the game, it could never live up to the incredible hype gamers have built around the title.

Unfortunately, those two quick responses were all the time Faliszeck gave to Half-Life 3 before bringing things back to VR, which was the focus of his discussion. In that regard, the Valve writer revealed that once VR headsets come to consumers, gamers shouldn’t expect them to go wireless anytime soon due to bandwidth problems. Turns out, in order to refresh two screens at 90 frames per second, the headsets will need to keep their cables, at least for now.

With another attempt at confirming Half-Life 3 now dead and gone, gamers will simply have to wait patiently for the next exciting Half-Life 3 Easter Egg to show up in a popular game. Or better yet, anticipate the next time a member of the Valve crew plans to speak, where audience members can once again tempt the developer to reveal Valve’s plans for the game.

What do you think about Faliszeck’s response about Half-Life 3? Do you think Valve will ever actually make the game, or is it relegated as a gamer pipe dream? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: VG 24/7