Rumor Patrol: Half-Life 3 Steam Achievements Spotted

Half-Life 3 Steam Achievements

Valve knows how to discipline gamers with patience. That or they relish in the fact that fans of their games or going insane with impatience. This is never been more evident than with the curious case of Half-Life 3 or as some gamers still hold onto: Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

There has not been any confirmation one way or another about development on another Half-Life installment, despite it being the flagship game franchise for Valve. Over the past few years we've seen new IPs and their sequels release (Portal, Left 4 Dead) and plenty of development on the Steam platform, but nadda in regards to Gordon Freeman's continued adventures.

Despite an extended development cycle and a costly leak of code, Half-Life 2 was a massive release that earned universal critical acclaim. Even though it was delayed, it came out and revolutionized video game physics and animation.

It is because of this the industry has unjustly high expectations for the next Half-Life game and perhaps the reason why Half-Life 3 has presumably been in development for so long. Despite the lack of official announcements, we consistently are subject to news, rumors and odd "leaks" about the next Half-Life and today, there's yet another.

Just last week, an employee at Valve was photographed sporting a Half-Life 3 t-shirt at a developer's conference, almost as bait, and there was Gabe Newell's intriguing email which may have acted as a hint for the game's release window. For some reason we can't explain, there was evidently Half-Life 3 weapon code found in the DOTA 2 beta release client, and long before that, the Portal 2 ARG also hinted at Half-Life 3.

This brings us today where someone nabbed a screenshot of what appears to be Steam achievements for Half-Life 3:

Half-Life 3 Steam Achievements

A reader of StickSkills shared this screenshot and the URL no longer exists. So either somebody has too much free time on their hands and not much to do, or a developer is playing the title and Valve removed it. In the end, we simply have more unofficial Half-Life 3 talk and hopes that it will be announced in the near future.

Note the "Save Dr. Mossman" reference, a character who played an important role in Half-Life 2.

We have the Spike Video Game Awards this week and if not there, please Valve, unveil Half-Life 3 at E3 next summer!


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Source: StickSkills

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