Given that Half-Life 3 may just be the most highly requested video game sequel of all time, it’s no surprise that fans around the world get worked up when the illusive title is hinted at. The most recent culprit is a curious Twitter combination, with both IGN and Steam Support tweeting in tandem about what may be an upcoming announcement – and it certainly sounds like Half-Life 3 may be involved.

Fans have been waiting for a sequel (Half-Life 2: Episode Three OR Half-Life 3) for eight years now, so it should come as no surprise that they’re getting antsy about one of the most beloved series of all time. The Steam community has already organized online events to garner attention from Valve, and Gabe Newell himself has recently touched on the subject, confirming that the development team for Half-Life 3 was still fully-staffed and hard at work on the game.

Yesterday, however, all eyes were on Twitter as IGN and Steam released the following tweets:

Half-Life 3 Twitter Teases

The infamous quote from IGN comes straight from the beginning of Half-Life 2, when G-Man stutters his way into a chilling introduction for the player. Then, the Steam Support Twitter simply tweeted that people should check out all of Valve’s feeds, perhaps implying a large announcement was on the way.

Both IGN And Valve haven’t clarified what their tweets were about, which is exactly the kind of inaction a company would take if it were teasing something. And believe us, we’re hoping they are.

While it could just be a massive coincidence, nothing can be written out as E3 2012 approaches. Gabe has been known to make surprising announcements, having shocked fans around the world at E3 Expo two years ago, where he proclaimed his support for the PlayStation 3 and showed the world premiere of Portal 2. We certainly wouldn’t mind if he did the same thing this year with a certain game from the Half-Life series, assuming Valve shows up – last year the enigmatic company opted to stay quiet.

What do you think about the well-timed tweets? Do you think something big is afoot as we approach E3 2012?

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Source: XBigyGames