For the last several years, rumors and speculation has pointed towards a possible (read: hopeful) unveiling of Half-Life 3 by Valve at E3 but each year they say they’re not coming and they’ve kept true to their word, instead focusing on games including Portal 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Meanwhile, much of their other headline-generating announcements have focused on Team Fortress 2 and Steam updates. Nothing for Gordon Freeman.

Could that change this week?

Valve head honcho Gabe Newell and his team has successfully remained tight-lipped about the next Half-Life for years, only vaguely teasing HL3 while we ponder apparent leaked images from development. We know it’s coming eventually, we just don’t know when. According to a product listing of expected announcements found on the official Gamescom site however, was Dragon Age 3 and more interestingly, Half-Life 3. Whoops!

Eurogamer reached out to the organizers who have now updated the listing, claiming it was a “mistake,” but now we wonder what’s true and what isn’t. How would a games conference organizer accidentally include the name of one of the most anticipated video games of all-time?

We’ll have to wait from now until August 19th to see what announcements actually occur, but a Half-Life 3 one could potentially steal the show. Then again, it’s a very odd time (and place) for Valve to announce such a game since it wouldn’t be coming out this year and so many of the games being showcased already this morning (EA’s lineup for instance) are coming next year. With speculation pointing towards Half-Life 3 aiming to push the boundaries like its predecessor, it’s very possible it won’t release until the next-gen consoles (not counting Wii U) come and the earliest that will happen is next fall if the latest reports on the Xbox 720 are anything to go by.

Don’t count on this announcement happening soon.

For now, look forward to the Gordan Freeman action figure.

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Source: Gamescom