Mass Effect 3 DLC Voice Actors Confirmed

BioWare have been keeping themselves busy after the massively negative fan response which was brought on by the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3. While many fans vocally brought their discomfort with the endings Рand, notably, some equally as vocally defending it Рthere was enough of a public uproar to warrant an extended cut to help clarify what exactly happened to the people of the galaxy.

It’s an appreciated gesture, seeing as fans have kept poking holes at the ending of Mass Effect 3 since its release, and looking for any reason why it might not have been as it seemed.

Some fans of the series are aware that Admiral Steven Hackett, the top-ranked official in the Alliance Fleet, is voiced by veteran actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Terminator). In a recent interview for Tron: Uprising, Henriksen dropped the news that he was going in to do some voice work with BioWare, confirming Hackett will play a role in the extended cut DLC:

“I just did another session with them…They were saying there’s a little bit of a problem with the abruptness of the ending, so we did a whole series of things to add to the end of the game, to live up to the quality they’ve been doing.”

Also at the Tron: Uprising event was Tricia Helfer, the voice actress for EDI in Mass Effect. She also confirmed that she’ll be doing some voice work for her digital character this Monday, and confirmed her presence in the DLC as well.

Although Ashley hasn’t been confirmed yet, the voice actor for Kaidan Alenko (Rapahael Sbarge), was also approached to resume his role in the DLC. It only makes sense that if Alinko is in the DLC, his female counterpart will also be automatically included. He tweeted this earlier:

“Just when you thought I would never go back, they keep PULLING me back in #MassEffect!! Recording!! Yay! Wha-hoo”

While there are still several important characters who haven’t been confirmed, it’s good to see that BioWare is starting to include some of the major players involved with the final battle. BioWare have made it clear that the extended cut isn’t changing the ending, but merely providing more context about the state of the universe.

What do you think about the Mass Effect 3 extended cut? Are you worried that characters like potential romance interests haven’t been contacted for voice acting roles yet?

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As previously mentioned, the Mass Effect 3 ‘Extended Cut’ is still set for a summer release this year.

Source:  G4TV