Players Create Fight Club For New 'H1Z1' Survivors

H1Z1 Player Fight Club

When approaching a new open world sandbox title that places a focus on player interaction, it's often best to expect the unexpected. This becomes twice as true when said player interaction is meant to facilitate - and often reward - aberrant behavior. Anyone who has played one of the zombie-flavored offerings on Steam Early Access will be all too familiar with the concept of fearing their fellow human over all else. Recently released title H1Z1 is no different.

As evidenced by the past success of DayZ, it is often the case that other players serve as more of a threat than the zombies that characterize the genre. With the recent release of open world zombie survival title H1Z1, it would have been a mistake for players to expect a warm and welcoming community. Rather than turning to a life of simple banditry though, some enterprising players have begun setting up impromptu fight clubs sans Brad Pitt.

Initiated by YouTube user UseTheBooty, the "Bambi Fight Club" as they call it finds two freshly spawned players (read: bambis) pitted against one another at gunpoint for a chance to win prizes and a chance at their freedom in this cruel post-apocalyptic landscape. While it may seem cruel by definition, there's something endearing about the childish glee exhibited by all of the players involved. Check out the video below.

From the instantaneous "hands-up" motion of the first victim to the joyful hunt for a second fight club participant, interactions like these highlight just why players have fallen in love with the deluge of zombie survival titles over the last year. While the initiation of fight clubs is hardly a novel concept in open world titles - similar activities have been encountered in DayZ and Rust - its refreshing nonetheless to see players creating interesting and often humorous pseudo-narratives using the tools at hand.

Since H1Z1 is still very much in its infancy, it will be exciting to see how the community develops and what kinds of interesting things they put each other through. It may have already been hit with its share of controversy but from what has been seen so far, H1Z1 looks as though it has the potential to become a strong title. With the recent sale of Sony Online Entertainment, this could be the chance the game needs to spread its wings and attempt to draw in a wider audience and pull ahead of the competition.

Have you been enjoying H1Z1 so far? What is the most ridiculous player-based encounter you have had?

H1Z1 is available now on Steam Early Access for PC.

Source: UseTheBooty (via Kotaku)

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