'H1Z1' Releases on Early Access Today; Includes PvE Servers

H1Z1 Launches in Early Access with PvE Servers


Sony Online Entertainment’s DayZ competitor H1Z1 is set to launch in Early Access later today, and developer John Smedley wants potential players to know his team is ready. According to Smedley, H1Z1 will roll out with between 150 and 200 servers on the 15th, some of which were named by fans this past weekend.

Smedley also added that the PvE servers for H1Z1 would go live on day 1 for those players who prefer a lighter experience. The PvE servers will come in two different options: vanilla and hardcore, with hardcore requiring headshots for kills and featuring a strictly first person perspective.

And for those players who want a little more challenge, H1Z1 will also offer PvP servers of both the hardcore and vanilla variety. Hardcore will apparently be for the most die-hard players, though, as the experience is First Person only, requires headshots, and players lose recipes when they die.

Overall, it sounds like H1Z1 will have a solid server selection available to players during its soft launch. But, those who might only be casually curious in the zombie survival title should know that this is only an Early Access launch not an official one. Smedley and his team expect this to be a learning experience and as such players looking for a completely polished product should look elsewhere.

H1Z1 Launches in Early Access with PvE Servers

However, since the game very much appeals to the DayZ crowd, they shouldn’t be surprised by the game’s Early Access qualities. Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival shooter was quite the interesting product when it first hit Early Access, which coincidentally prompted Valve to re-evaluate their Early Access vetting process.

Still, DayZ is popular for a reason and if H1Z1 can capture even a small slice of that game’s audience then it should have no problem finding success. Then when it eventually releases on PS4, there will be enough buzz to push the game on that platform as well.

Do you plan on buying H1Z1 in Early Access? What are your hopes for the game's final release?

H1Z1 releases in Early Access on PC January 15, 2015.


Source: Joystiq

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