The Gunstringer Fruit Ninja Kinect Bundle

Twisted Pixel really hit it out of the park with Ms. Splosion Man, so they’re probably feeling pretty good about themselves at the moment. Of course, there’s no rest for the wicked, and the developers are still hard at work on a new Kinect game called The Gunstringer. The game originally began its life as a downloadable title for Xbox Live Arcade, but Microsoft expressed interest in making it a full-on retail game — making it the first ever non-downloadable title from the fine folk at Twisted Pixel.

The move from downloadable to retail title made quite a few potential consumers a little bit unweary, because Kinect games traditionally cost up to five times as much as a downloadable game. Fortunately, Microsoft knows just how to sweeten the deal, and they plan on doing so by making the game the game a little bit cheaper than most Kinect titles. The Gunstringer will retail for $40, which is $10 less than average. The deals don’t end there either, as the game will also come bundled with a code to download Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja Kinect free of charge.

Sounds like a pretty decent deal, but the fabulous deals didn’t stop there. Players will also be able to download a free add-on for The Gunstringer called The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles. This DLC features a character named Wavy Tube Man who has traveled through time in an attempt to stop his father from being killed by The Gunstringer. I think it’s more than likely that the character in this add-on is less than successful in his attempt, but more content for free is never a bad thing.

If this news has gotten some of our readers a little more excited for the pending release of The Gunstringer, then they should probably go out and pre-order it. If that sounds appealing then you, the reader, should know that those who pre-order the game from select retailers will receive “two tokens for a free Avatar Prop from the game.” Not a horrible deal, huh?

The Gunstringer will release exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect on September 13th in North America, Australia, New Zeland, and Asia. Europeans, Africans, and residents of the Middle-East can look forward to getting their hands on the game a few days later on September 16th.

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