The open beta for 3D fighting game Gundam Versus goes live in early September, according to an announcement made by Bandai Namco. After a successful launch in Japan on July 6 and a great EVO 2017 side-tournament turn-out, Bandai Namco is preparing the giant robot fighting game for its western release. The main game won’t launch until September 29, but fans can try playing as soon as September 2 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

According to Bandai Namco, the open beta for Gundam Versus will run for just two short days, enough time for players to get a solid impression. Here’s the official open beta schedule:

  • Open Beta Start – September 2 @ 12:00am PDT
  • Open Beta End – September 4 @ 12:00am PDT

Those interested in participating in the beta can begin pre-loading the Gundam Versus download starting August 29. That way, no one has to spend any of those precious 48 beta hours downloading.

PlayStation 4 owners without PlayStation Plus subscriptions need not worry, as Gundam Versus‘ open beta will not require it. When Gundam Versus launches, however, a subscription will be required. Bandai┬áNamco is aiming for as wide of a reach as can be mustered with the beta, with a game that might otherwise be a bit niche. The Gundam brand does carry with it a bit of a stigma.

In the Gundam Versus open beta, Bandai Namco will make more than 90 Mobile Suits available to play of the over 180 featured in the final release. And, of course, that number is increasing as DLC is made available. Current DLC content released in Japan includes Mobile Suits from popular franchises like Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans and Mobile Suit Gundam 00, though the base game already features many characters and suits from each of those series already.

Several different playable game modes will also be included in the Gundam Versus open beta. While exactly what modes will be included isn’t revealed just yet, Bandai Namco does say that both online and offline modes will be featured. It’s not a forced online multiplayer beta. Base modes that can likely be assumed to be included are 2v2 matches, but hopefully some 3v3 finds its way into the open beta as well.

Gundam Versus brings together Mobile Suits and characters from 18 different anime within the Gundam franchise. But even if one isn’t a fan of Gundam or anime in general, Gundam Versus offers a unique 3D fighting game that’s unlike anything else on the market. For fighting game fans, the open beta is a great opportunity to see if Gundam Versus is the kind of game one can have a lot of fun with.

Gundam Versus launches September 29 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Check out the open beta on September 2.