Gun Loco Debut Trailer

Square Enix recently announced their Xbox 360 exclusive Gun Loco, and today we have the first trailer for the third person shooter. The trailer shows off the game in action and unique cast of characters that make up the roster.


At first glance the game looks like your typical arena style shooter with a bit of Twisted Metal style added for flavoring, however Square Enix claimed the game would "redefine" run and gun shooters. I'm not sure about redefining, since in the video I see a lot of running, jumping and sliding under obstacles, but not a lot of the gun craziness of which the game's title implies.

Square Enix did say these mechanics is what sets this game apart from the rest, so I would've liked to see more of the weapons in action. We do get to see some assault rifles, grenades and a rocket launcher but no special weapons that stand out. The story takes place on a prison planet where only the craziest criminals are sent, however nothing in the video shows off any futuristic technology. Square did say that we'll have a "unique and powerful" arsenal to play with when the game ships, so we'll have to just wait for more gameplay footage in the near future.

In the video we get to see some of the criminally insane who inhabit this prison world, including a guy in giant bunny mask and another named Nuts who has flaming red hair resembling that of another famous combat game character. As mentioned before Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage are also planing on releasing their first-person shooter next year called Brink, which looks to have similar gameplay to Gun Loco. However it's a little early to tell which will be dominant come 2011.

Gun Loco is due out sometime next year for the Xbox 360. So what do you guys think? After seeing the trailer of the game in action, is Gun Loco something that's still on your radar for next year?

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