Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Launch Trailer Takes the Stage

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Review Johnny

With the fall season of games upon us, it’s time for several music based rhythm games to start making their play for some space in our living rooms. Hitting store shelves first is the godfather of the genre, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, a similar riff on the old formula with some new surprises in store. Activision has given all of us rockers in training a new trailer to celebrate the upcoming launch for the game.

Warriors of Rock plans to update the long running franchise by focusing on a more story driven game, while still delivering the solid mechanics we have come to expect. The track list is stacked with treats from every decade of rock, with a story based around the popular Rush song "2112." New challenges and powers should add some variety as gamers play through their favorite tracks over and over again. As an added bonus for any fan of the band Soundgarden, the initial batch of Warriors of Rock will come packaged with a copy of the band's first album in 13 years. To see it all in action, take a look at the game's newest trailer:


The demo for Warriors of Rock is available now with four tunes to give you a sense of the way this new Guitar Hero plays. If the demo sways you into picking up Guitar Hero, make sure to choose your retailer you wisely, because a few have some pre-order goodies that could get your attention.

Guitar Hero or Rock Band has been the question on gamers’ minds for the past couple years now. While fans of both series can give tons of reasons why their favorite should be purchased, it all comes down to the experience. Warriors of Rock is attempting to capture the magic of Guitar Hero’s past, where it didn’t matter if you were playing solo or using your friends in a Roadie Battle. Rocking out with your Guitar Hero peripheral was a lot of fun. You can say what you want about either franchise -- as long as there is a track highway for gamers to shred on, they will be happy.

Are you ready for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to drop, or have you moved on to that other rhythm game with rock in the title?

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock drops September 28th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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