New Guilty Gear Game Announced for 2020

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Arc System Works seems to be keeping itself busy for the foreseeable future, with numerous updates for its current fighting games in the works. Recently, over the course of EVO 2019, it released a trailer for the newest DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ - Janemba - and announced a new season for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, which will include characters representing new franchises like Senran Kagura. And if that wasn't enough, it has since confirmed that a brand new Guilty Gear game is in the works, and will be coming next year.

Arc System Works took to the stage shortly after Bandai Namco to show off a fancy teaser trailer. While it doesn't show the game's title or which consoles it will be coming to, we can gleam a few neat details from it. Obviously, Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske - two of the main characters - will be returning, and we also get a glimpse of a brand new character right at the very end. The game seems to be running on an evolved version of the engine ArcSys uses for Dragon Ball FighterZ, resulting in a visually stunning graphical-style that continues the trend of ArcSys fighting games almost resembling high-budget anime. It looks like there will be stage transitions as well, similar to how they work in FighterZ, where players can knock their opponent into a new area with a powerful enough blow in the right part of the stage. It's more seamless than FighterZ as well, meaning there's little opportunity for a break in the fighting.

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Several other publishers came to EVO with brand new announcements as well. In fact, Bandai Namco had a few of its own, including the confirmation that fan-favorite Cassandra would be coming to Soul Calibur 6, as well as a second season pass of content, with Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru being the newest guest character.

In regards to the actual competitions, we've seen plenty of insane victories from the numerous tournaments that have already taken place. Most recently, prolific competitor SonicFox won the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament with a clean sweep, earning him his fourth EVO win.

The new Guilty Gear will release in 2020.

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Source: Destructoid

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