“Lovecraftian” is a term used to describe the cosmic horror of the unknown, emphasized in legendary writer H. P. Lovecraft’s works, and following adaptations from writers, creators, and conspirators. A genre of its own, it has spawned movies, comics, cartoons, and even a few fanatical cults to spring up here and there. Back in December during the Spike VGA’s, there was the teaser announcement that there would also be a game based off of Lovecraft’s work as well, helmed by legendary director Guillermo Del Toro, only there’s been silence every since.

That is until today, when Del Toro spilled some beans on the action-horror title inSANE and what mysteries lay behind the project, still with two years remaining on its clock. Being developed by Volition (Saint’s Row) and published by THQ, Working “24/7” Del Toro has been steadily learning the trade and what makes the industry tick to guarantee the game flows as smoothly as possible.

“We’ve been working for a year. We have two or three more years to go. It’s huge. I’m learning a lot. I’m going in with a really, really modest ‘I’m learning’ approach. I’m a huge gamer but going into constructing it, you have to be respectful of the medium. I’m learning a lot.”

Del Toro did admit that the game would play as a sandbox-styled world, which is par for the course for the guys over at Volition. Del Toro also mentioned that creature design for the game is shaping up quite nicely, bringing in comic book artist Guy Davis of the Hellboy series, along with Ruis Velasco to help the world come alive: “You haven’t seen them ever.”

“It’s Lovecraftian, it’s really weird, but it’s Lovecraftian in a very sick way, which I like. It’s truely, truely entertaining. Full of action, but also a very shocking game. And Guy Davis and Francisco [Ruis Velasco]. Guy Davis, to me, is one of the best monster designers alive right now.”

Unfortunately it may be a while before we see anything from inSANE; horrifying creatures or otherwise. With Del Toro admitting that the Volition team has at least another year left it may be early Spring before we see anything resembling gameplay, yet one thing is certain: inSANE will live up to its name.

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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