Guild Wars 2 'Human Week' Offers New Details & Trailer

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After an extended dry spell of virtually no Guild Wars 2 news, the past few weeks have been extremely fruitful. Back at the end of January, ArenaNet revealed the fifth profession for Guild Wars 2, the Guardian.

The Guardian is a defensive warrior, and considering the knowledge that every profession will be fairly self-sufficient in regards to healing, this class might be taking the place of the Monk.

Take a look at the Guardian defending his teammate below - and decide for yourself if this is a worthy addition to the Guild Wars profession list.


Even more news rolled out over the past few days during what ArenaNet called "Human Week." The event started on Tuesday with a blog post full of lore and behind-the-scenes writing from John Ryan - one of the writers of the Guild Wars 2 design team. The post also featured several audio clips of conversations between NPCs to give us an idea of just how immersive the new MMO is going to be.

Then, on Wednesday, Aaron Coberly, the character art lead on all the Guild Wars titles, gave us a preview of the vastly improved character design in the upcoming sequel. Guild Wars is not known for having shabby graphics, but the Guild Wars 2 team is obviously intent on upping the ante even further with this title.

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Thursday, brought fans the team's biggest reveal - a new trailer. After getting to know the human race a little better, it was time to take a tour of their homeland, Kryta. The trailer is not very long, but gives fans a look at how expansive and beautiful the land of Kryta has remained - even after 200 years of turmoil in Tyria. Anyone who played Guild Wars for any amount of time probably has fond memories of pre-searing Ascalon - and the beauty of that environment appears to have been transferred over to the new human homeland.


Finally, to wrap up Human Week, we were inundated with the history and current standings of the three military orders of Kryta:

"The relationship between the three martial arms of the human nation of Kryta is a delicate one. The Seraph are the army, the police force, and the protectors of the populace. The Ministry Guard serve the ministers, government officials, and nobility of Divinity’s Reach. The Shining Blade are the queen’s personal bodyguard and, as the well-informed may tell you, her spies."

Do these new reveals reinvigorate your interest for the game? It has been a rather slow build in terms of news from Guild Wars 2, but it seems as though ArenaNet has heard their fans and wanted to show off what they'll have to look forward to.

Guild Wars 2 still doesn't have a release date but we'll keep our eyes out for more news about the anticipated MMO.

Source: ArenaNet Blog

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